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Half game. Half album. All awesome! A colourful art-punk adventure towards the best night of your life in a unique split release from Team Lazerbeam and The Superweaks!

The Superweaks recorded six new songs. Team Lazerbeam made six new games. They tied everything together into a colourful punk rock journey towards the best night of your life where every game is synchronized with a song to create an unprecedented gaming/music experience. Expect a tale of bands, butts and bootleg battletoads.

Teenage Blob is about an amorphous teen about to see their favourite band! There’s just one problem: before the gig they want to buy some new boots, and before they can do that they’re gonna need to work their butt off! Players will help the Teenage Blob pick the perfect outfit, make some money at their part time jobs, spread positivity while skateboarding in a frogsuit and more. Check the track list below for more on each song/game.


The concept of Teenage Blob was born some time in early 2017 when The Superweaks approached Team Lazerbeam about creating a video game to accompany one of the tracks from the EP they were writing. Things escalated quickly, and the concept of a split release was laid out. The Superweaks would record six songs, Team Lazerbeam would make a game for each of the songs, and the result would be packaged as a split record.

Over the following 3+ years, Team Lazerbeam's ambitions for the project grew. Realising that Teen Blob's 6 games were the band's most substantial work to date, they started looking for partner to help get the split out to the widest audience possible. The Beams quickly hit it off with SUPERHOT PRESENTS, a brand new games fund, designed support developers that self-publish their work.

With the support of SUPERHOT PRESENTS, Team Lazerbeam have been able to expand the scope and quality of this wierd game baby far beyond their wildest dreams. With a release date to be confirmed, Teenage Blob will be coming out sometime in 2020.


  • A unique music/game hybrid!
  • Six radical Superweaks songs and six genre-busting Team Lazerbeam games!
  • Combines elements of dating sims, RPGs, rhythm games and arcade classics!
  • Hand-crafted with love and teenage punk rock dreams
  • Feel good hit of the summer


Announcement Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)
05 guitar zero place.png
08 ghostsep 4.png
04 World Map.png
04 boots 1.png
01 New Year 2.png
02 boots 2.png
06 Tony Dork 1.png
03 paperperson 1.png
07 Tony Dork 5.png


About Team Lazerbeam

Team Lazerbeam are a game-punk trio that make short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings.

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Teenage Blob Credits

Ben Rausch
Art & Writing, Team Lazerbeam

Richard Pieterse
Code & Feel, Team Lazerbeam

Jason Sutherland
Audio & Level Design, Team Lazerbeam

Evan Bernard
Songwiriting & Production, The Superweaks

Chris Baglivo
Songwiriting & Production, The Superweaks

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