Snowcones 2



Snowcones 2
Team Lazerbeam
Cape Town, South Africa
Release date:
Itch (Mac/PC)
Play Time:
15 min
USD $7.99


The World's greatest ice cream cone romance saga continues!

Welcome back Pink and Blue - ice cream cone stars of 2015's surprise hit dating-sim; Snow Cones Episode 1. Rejoin the duo as they set off on their second date! Survive the boredom of your day job! Get dressed for dating success! Navigate crowds to find your cone crush! Take in a movie! Finish the night off with an unforgettable moment alone with your dream cone!

This is the short-form, punk-rock, super-kawaii, surreal dating-sim of your dreams!

This is the first time we're asking for your hard earned $$$ for a Team Lazerbeam game! Like all our previous titles, it's very short and very weird - not everyone's cup of tea, but we've put more into it than anything we've done in the past. Over the last year and a bit we've poured our hearts and souls into making this little game, and hope you'll open up your hearts (and wallets) to make it a special part of your lives, and support our efforts! If the 2$ price-tag is beyond your means, please hit us up (via DM to @teamlazerbeam) and we'll be happy to swing you a code.


  • A massive creative and technical leap forward from SC1, Episode 2 features:
  • Advanced cone-topping system!
  • Revolutionary hand holding technology!
  • Giant mechs! Ghost-flavoured salt! Mallow pups! Awkward moments! Cat nose emojis! This really is the game that has it all


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About Team Lazerbeam

Team Lazerbeam are a game-punk trio that make short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Ben Rausch
Art & Writing, Team Lazerbeam
Richard Pieterse
Code & Feel, Team Lazerbeam
Jason Sutherland
Audio & Level Design, Team Lazerbeam
Evan Bernard
Songwiriting & Production, The Superweaks
Chris Baglivo
Songwiriting & Production, The Superweaks