Team Lazerbeam
Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Founding date:
December 5, 2014


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Snowcones 1
Pizza Quest
Teenage Blob
Wrestling With Emotions
Snowcones 2
Dress To Express Dancing Success
Bionic Bliss


Team Lazerbeam are a game-punk trio that make short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings.


Ancient history

Team Lazerbeam formed in late 2014, when friends Jason Sutherland, Richard Pieterse and Ben Rausch joined forces to make a game for Ludlum Dare 31. The result, Bionic Bliss (a cyber punk customer service game), struck a chord with players and laid the foundations for Team Lazerbeam’s future output. Over the following two years the band churned out a string of very short, absurd, cutesy games that embraced being both very silly, and very sincere. Noteable hits include Wrestling With Emotions, Pizza Quest, Snow Cones and Dress To Express Dancing Success.



Teenage Blob Reveal Trailer YouTube

Promo: Dress To Express Dancing Success YouTube

Lets Play: Dress To Express Dancing Success YouTube

Lets Play: Snow Cones Episode 1 YouTube

Lazer Jam: Violent Soho YouTube

Lazer Jam: Left and Right YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "A MAZE Pinkest Game Award" - Johannesburg, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Team Lazerbeam triangulates their trifecta of gaming expertise into one, singular, bizarre experience."
    - Caty McCarthy, Killscreen
  • "These gems from Team Lazerbeam are fast becoming some of my favourite things to come across during my trawls through itch.io. First there was the innocent delight of Snow Cones and then the powerful speed-dating of Wrestling With Emotions and now this (Dress To Express Dancing Success, a) reaffirming blast of hot rainy nightlife. There’s something so joyous about this stuff."
    - Brendan Caldwell, Rock paper Shotgun

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Richard Pieterse
Code and Feels

Jason Sutherland
Sound and Musics

Ben Rausch
Art and Words

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